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"10 Sci-Fi and Fantasy Books That Need Adaptations"

My novel The Shore of Women is in very good company here.


The Golden Space 

The ebook of my 1982 novel The Golden Space, with immortaility as its theme, will be available on September 21, 2017 for only $1.99 at all U.S. retailers for that day only. I'll confess that I wish this novel had received more attention when it first came out in 1982, but it did garner some praise from science fiction masters A.E. van Vogt and Algis Budrys, which I value to this day.


Haven't Been Writing That Much Lately...

...for various reasons, but John Scalzi touches on a few of them in this piece in the LA Times.


Climate Change is the World's Most Urgent Problem

Today's climate change news from Nature is here. The damage Trump and his regime inflict on us won't be limited to the U.S.


A Personal and Political Note

I haven't posted here for a while, given that being a U.S. citizen these days, in the Age of Trump, is akin to having to live with an abusive spouse you can't escape.  (And people in other countries clearly have the same apprehension and fear now dominating the lives of many Americans--for more on that, I recommend this oped from The Observer.) Writing fiction used to offer me a kind of refuge and now that refuge has been breached. Half the time, I feel that writing anything is futile or useless, and the rest of the time I keep thinking that thought-out, serious, analytical, and inspiring writing is more needed than ever. 

Timothy Snyder, a historian at Yale, has written a bracing guide to our times, On Tyranny, that is an example of such writing. An interview with Snyder by Sean Illing is here