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The Ten Best Dystopian Books You Haven't Read Yet

My novel The Shore of Women is on this distinguished if depressing list.


A New Short Story

A new story by me, "Monuments," will be out in Jonathan Strahan's upcoming original anthology Bridging Infinity, to be published in November 2016. 


A One-Day Bargain Price for The Shore of Women

Open Road Media will include my novel The Shore of Women in their 7/18/16 Early Bird Books newsletter offering daily deals on e-books. The e-book of The Shore of Women will be priced at $1.99 for that day only at all major retailers in the U.S. To sign up for Early Bird Books, go here. This novel will also be available on 7/18/16 from BookBub, a daily deals newsletter with millions of subscribers. To sign up for BookBub, go here. Please note that you do not have to be a subscriber to either newsletter to buy The Shore of Women at the $1.99 price on July 18, but if you like bargains on e-books, you may want to subscribe anyway.


A Special Price for The Mountain Cage

My editor at Open Road Media, publisher of most of my e-editions, writes: "I¹m delighted to let you know that The Mountain Cage and Other Stories will be included in the 5/6/16 Early Bird Books newsletter. Early Bird Books is a daily deals newsletter that goes out to more than 370,000 subscribers. The ebook will be priced at $1.99 for that day only. The discount will be available at all major retailers in the U.S."

Among the stories in this book is "Hillary Orbits Venus," first published in 1999. As a girl, Hillary Rodham Clinton wrote to NASA and asked them how to become an astronaut. They wrote back and told her they didn't take girls. My story is about what might have happened if they had instead encouraged her.

You can sign up for the Early Bird Books newsletter here.


A Long Silence

Seeing that I haven't posted anything here for months, it seems appropriate to mention that I'm still here, still writing, and should have something more interesting to post soon. In the meantime, my new novel Season of the Cats is still available in hardcover (the trade paperback will be out sometime this year) and information about how and where to buy other books of mine in various editions is here.