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A Recent Study of Terraforming in Science Fiction

This review, published in Strange Horizons, of a recent book about terraforming in science fiction mentions a number of works on this theme, including my Venus novels. That book, which sounds like a fascinating and detailed study of the subject (although probably too expensive for anyone besides wealthy readers and libraries to purchase), is Terraforming: Ecopolitical Transformations and Environmentalism in Science Fiction and the author is Chris Pak


Holiday Book Deals

Open Road Media is offering a number of ebooks at low prices during December, among them my novel Child of Venus, the third volume of my Venus trilogy. The first two novels, Venus of Dreams and Venus of Shadows, are also available from Open Road. Readers interested in purchasing autographed paper copies (hardcover or paperback) should contact me by email.


Another List

A new list of the "best" science fiction novels by women, on which I landed somewhere in the middle. 


"10 Sci-Fi and Fantasy Books That Need Adaptations"

My novel The Shore of Women is in very good company here.


The Golden Space 

The ebook of my 1982 novel The Golden Space, with immortaility as its theme, will be available on September 21, 2017 for only $1.99 at all U.S. retailers for that day only. I'll confess that I wish this novel had received more attention when it first came out in 1982, but it did garner some praise from science fiction masters A.E. van Vogt and Algis Budrys, which I value to this day.