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Tsunami Relief Efforts

The celebrated science fiction writer Arthur C. Clarke, a resident of Sri Lanka for decades, has posted an appeal asking for contributions to Sarvodaya. The Ethical Traveler has links to organizations seeking donations, as does Google. Please give what you can.


Season's Greetings

Although I'm not a Christian, I've never regarded a heartfelt utterance of "Merry Christmas" as a disparagement of my beliefs. But that was before that salutation was turned into this season's battle cry by the right. James Wolcott offers his observations on that controversy here. For a more ironic take on the subject, try Michael Bérubé. In the meantime, all members of the reality-based community might consider making the winter solstice their big festival, since it marks an actual physical event. But whatever you celebrate, my best wishes for happy holidays!


Philcon 2004

Even with our last-minute invitation, George and I had a great time at Philcon, and were royally treated by our hosts. We saw several old friends, including the hosts of this site, Glen and Jill Engel-Cox, but wish we'd had more time with Charles Pellegrino, who was kind enough to give us a signed copy of his latest book, Ghosts of Vesuvius. Charlie's writing is always both illuminating and entertaining, scholarly and yet extremely readable, and this one promises to be his best book to date.


Breaking News

George Zebrowski and I will be the principal speakers at this year's Philcon, replacing Brian Aldiss, who is unfortunately unable to attend. The convention will be held December 10-12, 2004, at the Philadelphia Marriott Downtown, 1201 Market Street, Philadelphia, PA.


Back In Print

My novel The Shore of Women, first published in 1986, is back in print and available in trade paperback from BenBella Books, with an introduction by Catherine Asaro.