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Writers and Branding

In this essayNicola Griffith eloquently captures many of the difficulties and contradictions writers face in selling their work and themselves.She does a much better job of resolving these problems than I have ever managed.


And Now for Something Completely Different

I'm not the first person to say this, but "going forward" may be the most useless phrase in the English language. Think about it. Add it to any sentence and it's always either redundant or unnecessary.



I will soon have news about two upcoming books, but in the meantime, some updates on a few of my short stories now out in e-anthologies from Wildside Press. Buy the books (at a bargain price) and get lots of good reading.

My story "Out of Place" is available in The Cat Megapack: 25 Frisky Feline Tales Old and New, here.

Another of my cat stories, "The Mountain Cage," is included in The Second Cat Megapack, here.

My story "All Rights" is included in The Fifth Science Fiction Megapack, here.

My alternate history tale "Hillary Orbits Venus" is available in The Sixth Science Fiction Megapack, here.

"The True Darkness is out in The Eighth Science Fiction Megapack, here



No Space Program Equals Species Suicide

My life partner George Zebrowski has a new piece at the Huffington Post. My headline above is the shorter version of his essay.


An E-Book Sale at Open Road

Two of my novels, Venus of Dreams and Watchstar, can be purchased at a special sale price at Open Road Media through the end of June 2014. Readers coming to those books for the first time should know that even though each is the first part of a trilogy, each novel was also written to stand alone.