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Sargent Joins Science Fiction Weekly

Pamela Sargent is now on the staff of the online publication Science Fiction Weekly, where she reviews books.


News About The Shore of Women

The Shore of Women, Pamela Sargent's classic 1986 novel, is coming back into print! A new edition will be published by BenBella Books. More details to come at a later date.

A few mint copies of the first hardcover edition of The Shore of Women are still available, but are going fast! For more information, email the author.


Anthology News

Conqueror Fantastic will be published by DAW Books in April 2004.

A new story by Pamela Sargent, "Venus Flowers at Night," which is set against the background of her Venus trilogy, will appear in Microcosms, edited by Gregory Benford and to be out from DAW in January 2004.


Garth of Izar Reviewed

A review of Garth of Izar has just been published at


Lots of News!

Conqueror Fantastic, an anthology of original stories edited by Pamela Sargent, has been turned in to DAW Books. Authors in the book include Michaela Roessner, James Morrow, Ian Watson, George Alec Effinger, George Zebrowski, Jack Dann, Stephen Dedman, Kij Johnson, Paul DiFilippo, Janeen Webb, Barry N. Malzberg, Bill Pronzini, and Michelle West.

Garth of Izar, a Star Trek: The Original Series novel by Pamela Sargent and George Zebrowski, will be out from Pocket Books in March 2003.

Pamela Sargent has sold a short story collection, Thumbprints, to Golden Gryphon Press, which should be out near the end of 2004. Another short story collection, Eye of Flame and Other Fantasies, will be published by Thorndike Press/Five Star.

Pamela Sargent will be a Special Guest at WindyCon XXX, November 7-9, 2003, in Schaumberg (Chicago), Illinois. Other guests will include George Zebrowski, Gregory Benford (Guest of Honor) and John Cramer.

Sargent's collection The Mountain Cage and Other Stories (Meisha Merlin, 2002) was reviewed in the Washington Post Book World on December 15, 2002, as follows:

Novelist Pamela Sargent is perhaps best known for the groundbreakingly feminist Women of Wonder anthologies she began assembling in 1975. But her skills in the short-story medium are exemplary as well. Her third collection, The Mountain Cage and Other Stories (Meisha Merlin; paperback, $16), gathers pieces she wrote from 1978 to 2000, and reveals that Sargent is at home in many modes. She can create vivid alternate histories, such as that in "The Sleeping Serpent," which chronicles a North America colonized by Mongols. She can comment wryly on the quirks of the writing life, as she does in "All Rights," where publishers from parallel dimensions prove to be no more scrupulous than our familiar ones, and in "The Novella Race," which imagines an Olympics of composition.

She can bring off a piece like "Isles" - a demure ghost story that would not be out of place in, say, Redbook - while a few pages later she's digging into the essence of hardcore sf extrapolation with such gems as "Common Mind" (instant global telepathy) and "The Summer's Dust" (immortality). Finally, she reveals a bent for wicked satire in the Nebula-winning "Danny Goes to Mars" (ex-vice president Quayle finds himself heading into space) and "Hillary Orbits Venus" (the intrepid Ms. Rodham as astronaut). A consummate professional who can tailor her visions to various markets, Sargent nonetheless exhibits an unswerving consistency of craft.