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New Tale in Amazing Stories

A new story by Pamela Sargent, "Common Mind,"

will appear in issue number 600 of Amazing
. Amazing Stories #600 is a "centennial"
issue, and a very special publication. The magazine is also using
reprints from the first five "centennial" issues (100,
200, etc.), with the Sargent story as the one representative
of issue 600 (i.e., the present state of the art in SF).

Issue 600 will be available in stores by late December, and
will be a Special Edition that carries no date, either a month
designation or a seasonal designation. The other fiction authors
in the issue are Bernard Brown (issue #100 reprint), Frances
M. Deegan (#200), Paul Fairman (#300), Vance Simonds (#400),
James Patrick Kelly (#500), and Harlan Ellison, who offers an
homage to the pulp action-adventure brand of SF with his novelette
"The Toad Prince, or Sex Queen of the Martian Pleasure-Domes."

That issue will also include an "Observatory" essay
by Robert Silverberg and a column on movies by George Zebrowski.

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