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Shortlisted for Sidewise Award

The judges
for the Sidewise Awards for Alternate History are pleased to announce
the finalists for the 1998 Sidewise Awards. The awards will be
presented at Aussiecon, the 57th World Science Fiction Convention,
held from September 2 - September 6. For more information, please
contact Steven Silver ( or see our website

LONG FORM: (60,000 words or longer or complete series)

  • Greg Bear, Dinosaur Summer, Warner 1998; Voyager 1998
  • Stephen Fry, Making History, Hutchinson 1996; Random House 1998
  • Pamela Sargent, Climb the Wind, HarperPrism 1998

SHORT FORM: (shorter than 60,000 words)

  • Stephen Baxter & Arthur C. Clarke, "The Wire Continuum," Playboy, 1/98
  • Ian R. MacLeod, "The Summer Isles," Asimov's 10-11/98
  • Robert Silverberg, "Waiting for the End," Asimov's 10-11/98
  • Howard Waldrop, "US," Event Horizon 10/14/98

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