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Pam and George honored by SFWA

At the SFWA Nebula Awards Banquet tonight, George Zebrowski
and Pamela Sargent were honored with a "Service to SFWA"
award by President Paul Levinson. Between the two of them, they
have given well over 25 years of service to this organization
since its founding in 1965! George was editor of the SFWA Bulletin
from 1970-1975. Pamela and George were its editors again from
1983-1991. Further, George oversaw SFWA's annual Nebula Awards
volume for 12 years. Pamela edited three of them. George served
on other committees. What makes this extraordinary service even
more impressive is that George and Pamela managed it while turning
out some great writing, which continues full court. Pamela is
a Nebula-award winner ("Danny Goes to Mars," best novelette,
1992) and George won the Campbell for best novel (Brute Orbits)
last year.


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