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Child of Venus to be published in May!

The BIG news: The long awaited conclusion to Pamela Sargent's Venus trilogy, Child of Venus, will be published by Avon Eos in hardcover in May 2001. Easton Press will also be publishing this book in their Signed First Editions series. Venus of Dreams and Venus of Shadows, the first two volumes, are going to be published by in various electronic formats and in print-on-demand trade paperback copies sometime in early summer.

cover art by Jean Targete
 Cover art by Jean Targete for<br/>Child of Venus by Pamela Sargent

(Click here for a jpeg of the full wraparound cover by Jean Targete.)

Pamela Sargent has sold a collection of her short fiction to Meisha Merlin Publishing, to be published in 2002.

A short piece, "Too Many Memories," appeared in
the "Futures" series of the British science journal Nature, in the November 30, 2000 issue.

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