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Child of Venus to be published in May!

The BIG news: The long awaited conclusion to Pamela Sargent's Venus trilogy, Child of Venus, will be published by Avon Eos in hardcover in May 2001. Easton Press will also be publishing this book in their Signed First Editions series. Venus of Dreams and Venus of Shadows, the first two volumes, are going to be published by in various electronic formats and in print-on-demand trade paperback copies sometime in early summer.

cover art by Jean Targete
 Cover art by Jean Targete for<br/>Child of Venus by Pamela Sargent

(Click here for a jpeg of the full wraparound cover by Jean Targete.)

Pamela Sargent has sold a collection of her short fiction to Meisha Merlin Publishing, to be published in 2002.

A short piece, "Too Many Memories," appeared in
the "Futures" series of the British science journal Nature, in the November 30, 2000 issue.


Short stories available on Fictionwise

 Pamela Sargent's classic political alternate history
stories, "Danny Goes to Mars" and "Hillary Orbits
Venus," are now available in electronic formats, along with
several of her other stories, at HREF="">Fictionwise.

The stories are for sale there and are downloadable to Rocket
Books, Palm Pilots, and other equipment, so those of you who
have already read those two stories may simply want to check
out this site--and see what else is available. Stories by several
prominent writers are now available, and many others soon will be.


Pam and George honored by SFWA

At the SFWA Nebula Awards Banquet tonight, George Zebrowski
and Pamela Sargent were honored with a "Service to SFWA"
award by President Paul Levinson. Between the two of them, they
have given well over 25 years of service to this organization
since its founding in 1965! George was editor of the SFWA Bulletin
from 1970-1975. Pamela and George were its editors again from
1983-1991. Further, George oversaw SFWA's annual Nebula Awards
volume for 12 years. Pamela edited three of them. George served
on other committees. What makes this extraordinary service even
more impressive is that George and Pamela managed it while turning
out some great writing, which continues full court. Pamela is
a Nebula-award winner ("Danny Goes to Mars," best novelette,
1992) and George won the Campbell for best novel (Brute Orbits)
last year.



Signing at NYC during the Nebula Awards

Pamela Sargent will be one of the many authors at a major booksigning to be held at Barnes & Noble, north corner of Union Square (East 17th Street), in New York City on May 19, 2000, from 7 to 9 PM. At least seventy-five notable science fiction and fantasy authors will be on hand for this event, sponsored by the Science-fiction and Fantasy Authors of America in conjunction with their annual Nebula Awards weekend.


New Tale in Amazing Stories

A new story by Pamela Sargent, "Common Mind,"

will appear in issue number 600 of Amazing
. Amazing Stories #600 is a "centennial"
issue, and a very special publication. The magazine is also using
reprints from the first five "centennial" issues (100,
200, etc.), with the Sargent story as the one representative
of issue 600 (i.e., the present state of the art in SF).

Issue 600 will be available in stores by late December, and
will be a Special Edition that carries no date, either a month
designation or a seasonal designation. The other fiction authors
in the issue are Bernard Brown (issue #100 reprint), Frances
M. Deegan (#200), Paul Fairman (#300), Vance Simonds (#400),
James Patrick Kelly (#500), and Harlan Ellison, who offers an
homage to the pulp action-adventure brand of SF with his novelette
"The Toad Prince, or Sex Queen of the Martian Pleasure-Domes."

That issue will also include an "Observatory" essay
by Robert Silverberg and a column on movies by George Zebrowski.